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Terms & Conditions

EMMA Motorbikes Terms and Conditions

  • Documents: Lessee needs to bring the original Passport / Identity Card / Thai Driving License / Foreign or International License (Not Expired). Lessor will make copies and will not keep any original documents.
  • Age: Lessee and Driver must complete 20 years up.
  • Payment and Deposit: On the start date of motorbikes rental, Lessee must make full payment of rental and deposit, price will be agreed upon between Lessor and Lessee. Deposit starts from 2000 baht depending on the motorbike type you require.
  • Helmet: 2 helmets are included with the rented motorbike. Optional to buy new helmets are available.
  • Extension of Rental Period: Lessee must notify Lessor the intention to extend rental period prior to the expiry of rental period for extension of rental period, refrain from notifying means infrigement of Lessee and Lessor.
  • Maintenance of motorbikes during rental period: Lessor will not be responsible in case of flat tyre or all other damages except in case of engine is broken down which is not incurred by any causes. Lessor will be responsible and/or replace with other motorbike appropriately.
  • Collect and return of motorbike: Lessee must collect and return motorbike at office of Lessor only, there is no outdoor service to collect and send scooter outside the place.
  • Insurance: Insurance under the Protection of Motor Vehicle Accident Victims Act included in the rate of rental. First Class Insurance available as an optional.
  • Limitation: Lessee is unable to take such property to other person unless there is an agreement with Lessor having letter of consent by both parties. In case Lessee is infringed of such agreement, Lessee must be responsible in all instances.
  • Limitation for use motorbike: Lessee must drive on good surface road only, it is not allowed to drive outside the limit agreed upon under the lease agreement.
  • Robbery: Lessee must be careful in parking of motorbike. It should be parked at court with security system and properly locked the motorbike. In case of robbery, Lessee must be responsible at price according to age or condition of motorbike or upon agreement between Lessor and Lessee.


Insurance is excluded of damages on any properties in case of loss or any damages with rented motorbike or any properties of outsider or third party which will be totally at expenses of Lessee. In addition, the insurer will be responsible only medical treatment of individual only. The rate of insurance will cover in accordance with particular on Appendix, Lessee must thoroughly read in full prior to enter into rental contract agreement and signed name for its benefit.