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Road Accident Victims Protection

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Road Accident Victims Protection Company Limited has been established according to the Protection for Motor Vehicle Accident Victims Act B.E. 2535 (A.D. 1992), amendment (volume 3) B.E. 2540 (2003). With aims of providing convenient services to motor vehicle accident victims across the country by setting up service branches in every province nationwide. In case of motor vehicle victim insuring with the insurance company that has no branches or representative office in the area where accident occurred, the motor vehicle victim shall request for compensation from the Road Accident Victims Protection Co., Ltd.


Coverage for Compulsory Motor Insurance
  • Preliminary compensation is initial indemnity for loss of life or bodily injury that the company has to pay without waiting for proof of fault and be considered as part of compensation

    •             1. Medical service expenses not more than                                                       30,000 Baht.
    •             2. Permanent disability / loss of organ or funeral expense                                   35,000 Baht.

                    *1, 2 combined are limited to 65,000 Baht for preliminary compensation per person.

    Maximum Coverage (including preliminary coverage)is compensation that the company will pay in the event of a loss or bodily injury occurring while the driver is at fault.

    •             1. Bodily injury (for passenger, third party) not more than                                                     80,000 Baht.
    •             2. Loss of life or Permanent disability (for passenger, third party)                                          300,000 Baht.
    •             3. loss of organs
    •                  - Loss of finger 1 knuckle or more                                                                               200,000 Baht.
    •                  - Loss of organs 1 part                                                                                              250,000 Baht.
    •                  - Loss of organs 2 parts                                                                                             300,000 Baht.
    •             4. Daily compensation in case of hospitalization (inpatient) 200 Bath per day                              4,000 Baht.
    •                 not more than 20 days

    • *Remark – Driver at fault will receive only preliminary compensation.
                   – This limit of compensation is in effect from 1 April 2016.



When an accident happens.
  •         The victims only need to bring the required documents and contact our company at any branches. We will serve you with convenient, fast, fair and accurate services.  

    •          1. Insured person or victims are:
      •                - Person in the motor vehicle, Diver
      •                - Person outside the vehicle. (Third party that has been injured by the insured vehicle)

    •          2. The company will pay the actual medical expenses for bodily injury up to 50,000 Baht or 200,000 baht compensation for  the following conditions;

                   2.1 Loss of sight 
                   2.2 Loss of hearing 
                   2.3 Mute or loss of ability to speak or cutting of tongue
                   2.4 Loss of genital organ
                   2.5 Loss of limb, hand, foot, finger or any organ 
                   2.6 Insane
             In case of immediate death, the company will pay 200,000 Baht for funeral expenses per person.


    •          3. Victims can authorize the hospitals to claim for compensation from Road Accident Victims Protection Co. Ltd.

    •          4. To request for preliminary compensation, victims can claim directly from the insurance company or from Road Accident Victims Protection Co. Ltd. or authorize the hospital as the payee.

    •          5. Preliminary compensation is initial indemnity for loss of life or bodily injury up to 15,000 baht. The victim or heir shall receive the payment within 7 days from the date of receipt of the request (with documents correctly submitted) without waiting for proof of fault.

    •          6. If the victim is the diver at fault, they shall receive only preliminary compensation. 

    •          7. The coverage only covers life and bodily injury, vehicle and property damage are not included.


Required Claim documents

  • Bodily injury

    Medical service compensation (inpatient )


    Loss of life

    1. ID card / Passport or official proof of identification

    1. ID card /Passport or official proof of identification

    1. ID card / Passport or official proof of identification

    1. ID / Passport or official proof of identification

    2. Original receipt

    2. Medical certificate or Inpatient certificate.

    2. medical certificate or disability certificate

    2. Death certificate



    3. A copy of daily police report or other evidence to prove that the victim has been injured by motor accident.

    3. Heir’s copy of ID card and House registration




    4. A copy of daily police report or other evidence to prove that the victim has been injured by motor accident.


    Requesting on preliminary compensation from the Company that being the Insurer, shall be made within one hundred and eighty days from the damage date.


    Any motor vehicle victims file an application for preliminary compensation with dishonesty according to this Act, or revealing forgery evidence for preliminary compensation shall be liable for punishment to a fine not exceeding two hundred thousand Baht or to be imprisoned for a term not exceeding five years or both.